Mrs. Cockayne Apologizes for Behaving Rudely


I am writing to apologize for losing my temper and behaving in a rude fashion. In my grief and sorrow I have lashed out at the only people available — the government. Nothing excuses my show of anger and frustration, not even the brutal murder of my son Jamie.

My sincerest apologies to the VIPD, and the justice department. I still believe no proper investigation and no proper prosecution has or will occur, still that is no excuse for me lashing out. “It is what it is, mom,” is what Jamie would say to me if he were here and how many of us moms have heard, “Don’t worry about it,” but of course we still worry.

To the moms who have sent me personal notes and to the friends on St. John that I only knew briefly, but, have sent me kind words, thank you, thank you.

If anyone down there has any idea when any court dates are coming I sure would appreciate a heads up. No word at all from the government or police. If I miss a court date so be it, if I already have missed one so be it. People may wonder why it is so important for me to be there each time there is any kind of court date and I have thought about that a lot lately. You see the thing is, it is a process for me. I need to come to terms, I need to be there to fully understand what is going on and even then it is so hard because they do not turn on the microphones loud enough to be heard by people even sitting in row three.

Doors have been slammed in our faces, figuratively speaking, phone calls have been ended by corrections department employees hanging up on me, literally and still nothing. So if anyone out there has any idea when Jamie’s case will be heard, please take the time to send me a quick email and if I can get there in time I will.

I have not read a thing about that poor ATM gentleman or the gentleman from the governor’s staff that was shot and stuffed in a truck. Are the killers still at large?
So once again, sorry for losing myself. I am on the road to finding myself again. I am trying to “allow grace to fill in the empty space,” thanks to a St. John resident’s wise advice. You may email me at

I furthermore would like to set the record straight regarding Selmo Boston’s place of employment. I have learned from Viva Villas that Selmo never worked at Viva. I misspoke. I did try to find out if I heard correctly in court by emailing Viva. I never heard back and assumed Selmo did work at Viva. I should not have assumed anything. I was wrong.

Apparently someone else received their reply to me. We can all imagine how this kind of misinformation can be devastating to a reputable company and Viva is a reputable company. I have many regrets regarding my recent behavior and this regret is at the top of the list. I hope I can undo some of the damage I caused to the people at Viva.

Jeanie Cockayne