Much Discussed at Coral Bay Yacht Club Meeting

CORAL BAY — The Coral Bay Yacht Club met in its usual spot, the backyard of Skinny’s Legs, for its monthly meeting on Tuesday, August 4th. This meeting was to discuss concerns about the Moravian Church Conference’s posted floating dock removal and the reduction in parking, and towing of vehicles — that will impact all boaters, KATS, charter boat businesses, residents and tourists enjoying the waters of Coral Bay.  The Conference has been contacted and there is hope for a resolution.

Also discussed were the four scholarships for local K-12 students being provided from the Flotilla funds, and what to do with the rest of the remaining funds. Over the years, well over $80,000 was raised and used for Guy Benjamin School which the government recently closed. In the years before benefiting the school, the annual fundraiser was held for Emmaus Church building repairs.

Since it is hurricane season, members were urged to contact the owners of all nonactive boats at the dinghy dock to remove them and store safely them on land away from the shore. 

The Yacht Club volunteer participation in the CBCC NOAA marine debris removal project was also discussed and the timetable for the contractor, depending on permits being obtained.

Ideas for a float in the Coral Bay Labor Day parade were also discussed.