New Bar in Estate Adrian Offers Chill Atmosphere, Live Music, Local Food


Chester and Julia Mingo outside their new bar, Chester’s Getaway, in Estate Adrian.

When the stresses of everyday life start to get you down and you’re in need of a break from it all, head to Chester’s Getaway, a brand new bar in Estate Adrian next to Canines, Cats, and Critters.

Dubbed “the therapy place” by its owners Chester and Julia Mingo, Chester’s Getaway opened earlier this month and is already attracting a rather impressive crowd. The couple originally opened Cruz Bay Getaway in the Lumberyard, but after a few months in town they decided a bar out in the country might be the way to go.

“In town it’s congested, and here is a beautiful place,” Chester said. “I’d like people to come out and enjoy having a place to park. Come see what we have to eat and drink.”

The bar has an onsite kitchen where a variety of foods including barbecue and johnny cakes will be prepared and served to patrons. The spacious interior features a pool table, darts, and dominoes.

Chester designed the space himself, and he and his wife renovated the former Allied Rental building.
“A lot of people have told me, ‘Chester I love it, the design is wonderful,” said Chester. “We call it the therapy place. When you come here, you want to chill out.”

Chester’s Getaway is open daily from 11 a.m., closing at 11 p.m. during the week and at 2 a.m. on weekends. The bar features music spun by a DJ, and Chester and Julia hosted a successful country western party on Saturday evening, March 8.

Chester hopes people of all ages and all walks of life come out to enjoy his new bar, he explained.

“When you’re cooking food and you want different seasonings, that’s how we want it here,” he said. “We expect Spanish people, Haitians, tourists, and everybody to come. We just want a mix-up of people.”

Patrons can rest assured that the atmosphere at Chester’s Getaway is safe and inviting, his wife Julia added.

“We want people who are mature and just want to have fun,” she said. “No nonsense, and we don’t tolerate violence. Families are welcome too — we’re all about family.”

“We want people to have their therapy here,” Julia continued. “Come out and have a relaxing moment. Release some of your everyday stress.”

The space was also designed with rentals in mind. Chester’s Getaway can accommodate baby showers, wedding parties, birthday parties, and more.

Chester and Julia look forward to providing a good experience for their patrons, Julia explained.

“We’re expecting the whole community to come out and give us a chance to prove that we’re serious and that we want to have a good business and make people happy here,” she said.

Locals and tourists alike are invited to head to the country and enjoy cold drinks, local food, and a little therapy the island way at Chester’s Getaway.