New CZM Member Hills Seeks Public Input on Coral Bay Marina Proposal

New Coastal Zone Manage-ment Committee member Gerald Hills wants to know what island residents are thinking about the proposed Coral Bay Marina — really.

Acknowledging the 116-slip project is controversial, Hills said he wants to get a better measure of public opinion on the project.

“I really haven’t had a lot of direct feedback,” said Hills, an Upper Carolina resident since 2005 and resident of St. John for almost six years.

“I’m interested in getting as much opinion from the public as possible,” said Hills. “Especially before the public meeting.”

Hills said he wants “to understand” public concerns before the June 20 public hearing “because the public can’t ask questions” at the hearing, only the CZM members can.

The CZM will conduct their decision meeting on July 18, according to Hills.

Part of Hills’ effort includes opening an e-mail account to receive public comment on the Coral Bay Marina project.

“It’s not an official CZM site,” Hills was quick to point out. “It’s not sponsored by CZM. It’s my own personal e-mail site.”

“If anyone has a comment, they can send it to,” Hills said.

“We think the senate wouldn’t have a whole lot of interest,” Hills said. “If it’s approved by CZM they will probably vote to approve it.”

Other members of the St. John CZM include Chairman Julien Harley, Madeline Sewer, Jose Penn and Edmund Roberts.