New Moravian Site Developer T-Rex Planning Marina, Restaurant, Spa

A second development company, T. Rex St. John LLC, has taken over a 99-year lease with the Moravian Church V.I. Conference and announced “preliminary plans” for 10 acres of the church’s Coral Bay property, including a large section of the waterfront.

“T-rex is exploring the options to build an environmentally friendly residential, commercial and marina development,” according to a press release from the developer.

“The development will be located on two separate lots of land – on the waterfront itself and on a dramatic hillside overlooking Coral Bay,” according to the release,

Full-Service Marina
“Also planned is a full-service marina in Coral Bay, which will accommodate sailboats of all sizes, motorboats and large yachts,” the release continued.

“We are working very closely with the Moravian Church and area residents to ensure that the integrity and beauty of this dream location is kept intact,” said Tom Mulroy, CEO of T-Rex Capital in the press release.

“The project is just commencing its design phase,” the release continued. “All aspects of this development will be eco-friendly including the use of solar panels in construction and a pump-out facility in the marina for waste removal.”

Spa and Restaurant Plans
“Other plans on this property include a state-of-the-art, full-service spa, a five-star restaurant as well as community and marina based retail space,” the release stated. “The adjacent recreational, school and government facilities will remain intact.”

“T-Rex St. John plans to submit applications for permits to the island’s governance as early as November 2006,” the release continued. “The project is yet to be officially named.”

The site includes the community’s dinghy dock and parking along the waterfront which many boaters in the area use on a regular basis. The area is zoned W-1, which allows for a wide range of water- and land-based activities including a marina and business development, but is restricted to low density.

Original Lease Assigned
The original lease was dated January 23, 2006, and made between the Moravian Church and Sirius Development LCC. The lease was assigned to T. Rex St. John in June, according to the memorandum of lease.

The Superintendent of the Moravian Church, Errol Connor, signed the new lease as the landlord June 17, and Mulroy signed on behalf of T. Rex St. John on June 20.

Although the amount of land and the length of the lease have been confirmed, the developer’s attorney, David Bornn, did not return calls from St. John Tradewinds requesting information re-garding the project. Connor was not available for comment.

Rumors about the development of the church-owned land — which stretches along the waterfront from behind the community ball field and neighboring Guy H. Benjamin School to behind Skinny Legs, and on the hillside adjacent to the church — have circulated for years.

Church Owns School Property
The church also owns the land under the elementary school, which was leased to the V.I. government for use as a school. Turnbull Administration officials have proposed incorporating the students of the small community school in a new island-wide school.