New VIPD Mobile Station in Coral Bay Remains Unconnected and Unmanned

The VIPD trailer sits between the Coral Bay Fire Station and Skinny Legs Restaurant.

V.I. Police Department officials transported a new mobile substation to Coral Bay next to the V.I. Fire Service station on Tuesday afternoon, November 27, where it has sat unstaffed since.

The VIPD trailer sits on the property where a permanent substation was planned to be constructed between Skinny Legs and the fire station.

Government officials, including then-Governor Charles Turnbull, donned hard hats and swung golden shovels at the site during a ceremonial groundbreaking in October 2006.

No action had taken place on the substation when the mobile station was put there on November 27, 2007 — the same day the Domino Gas Station, located  nearby, was hit by two men in a daylight armed robbery.

Once utilities are connected, the trailer is slated to become the VIPD’s permanent substation for Coral Bay, according to Coral Bay Community Council representatives.

Since late 2005, VIPD officials have used an office in the Cocoloba Plaza as a temporary substation.

Due to a territory-wide VIPD manpower shortage, however, that station is not routinely staffed and the phone number — 774-1111 — is currently out of order.