No Apparent Plan for Use of The Creek in Wake of Enighed Opening

No parking signs are posted at the Creek.

When the Enighed Pond Marine Facility opened on Monday, April 10, the Creek was left silent, and many St. John residents are wondering what the V.I. Port Authority plans to do with the space.

Conflicting plans have come from several different sources.

The Creek will be opened as a short-term parking area with approximately 25 spaces, and VIPA eventually hopes to improve the area with landscaping and wider sidewalks, VIPA Executive Director Darlan Brin said in a published report.

The VIPA Web site, which has not been updated since the Enighed Pond opened, claims the Creek will be used for passenger ferries.

“VIPA plans to shift all cargo activity to Enighed Pond, and reuse the existing cargo dock in Cruz Bay exclusively for passenger ferries,” states the site.

Group to Discuss Ideas
A group is being formed to discuss possible uses for the area, said VIPA spokesperson Carol Henneman.

“(VIPA Engineer) Mr. (Dale) Gregory told me that they have to do some plans,” she said. “They’re forming a group and they’re going to look at the whole area. They have to study what they’re going to use it for.”

The group has not met yet, said Henneman.

“I didn’t get the sense that it’s something that’s going to happen right away,” she said.

Henneman could not verify Brin’s statements the creek will be beautified and used for parking.

“That’s nothing that I can verify,” she said. “That might be one of the possibilities.”

Henneman was unfamiliar with the possibility of the Creek being used for passenger ferries.

“I don’t know where that information came from,” she said.

Gov. Charles W. Turnbull and VIPA board chairman Robert O’Connor Jr. stated at the Enighed Pond Marine Facility’s opening ceremonies on Friday, April 21, that the creek will be used for passenger ferries.

Exclusively for Passenger Transportation
“The congestion will be moved from the Cruz Bay creek, which will now be used exclusively for passenger transportation,” said Turnbull in his speech.

“It will be used for a passenger facility,” said O’Connor after the ceremony.

There have been no discussions yet about using the facility for parking, but there are plans to beautify the area, he said.

Taxis, which have recently been seen using the facility, will pay a fee to pick up cruise ship passengers at the dock, O’Connor added.

The area is being analyzed, according to St. John Administrator Julien Harley.

“It’s being analyzed to see what they’re going to do with it,” he said. “Using the facility for parking has been talked about.”