No Further Details Released on January Shootout Fugitives

The Virgin Islands Police Department still has not released information regarding two at-large suspects involved in an early January shootout with police officers in which police shot and killed one suspect.

A chase began when VIPD officers responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle in Fish Bay matching the description of a vehicle which had recently been involved in several third degree burglaries in the south shore neighborhood.

The suspects fled in the white SUV and fired on VIPD officers during the chase.

Michael Freeman, 18, was killed in an exchange of gun fire between occupants of the vehicle and police. Two St. Thomas minors and 24-year-old Dominica resident Obrian Pacquette were arrested and two suspects escaped.

The VIPD has never release-ed a description or sketch of the two suspects, who are still at large, and VIPD spokesperson Shawna Richards would not comment on whether police know who the identity of the escapees.

“I’m not in a position to comment on police operations,” said Richards.

There were no reported burglaries in the week following the shootout, and a pattern of multiple homes being burglarized in one neighborhood on the same day — which was common before the shootout — has not resumed.