No Further Information Released on At-Large Suspects Following Shootout

The Virgin Islands Police Department is releasing little information on a Friday, January 5, police chase and shootout that left one burglary suspect dead, three suspects in custody and two at large.

The VIPD is not releasing the names of the two officers involved in the pursuit and shooting who are currently on leave, according to VIPD spokesperson Shawna Richards.

Two St. Thomas minors, a 14-year-old female and a 16-year-old male, were taken into custody at the scene and later released into the custody of their parents without being charged with any crimes.

Twenty-four-year-old St. Thomas resident Obrian Pacquette was also taken into custody at the scene and charged with constructive possession of a deadly weapon, possession of ammunition and burglary.

Bail for Pacquette was set at $25,000, and the man, who is a resident of Dominica and was in the USVI illegally, was ordered to remain in custody for at least five days.

Pacquette last week pleaded not guilty to charges of possession of an unlicensed firearm, and prosecutors said they plan to file a motion to dismiss third-degree burglary charges against the man.

Michael Freeman, the 18-year-old who was killed in the shootout, was laid to rest on St. Thomas on Friday, January 12.

Two suspects remain at large, said Richards, who did not provide a description of the suspects.
“The two suspects remain at large, and police are actively investigating,” said Richards. “We are asking anyone with any information to contact the police department.”

The search is inclusive of both St. Thomas and St. John, according to Richards.

Leander Jurgen Command can be reached at 693-8880, and the Coral Bay substation can be reached at 774-1111.