Ode To Friends and Fellowship


Come all ye faithful
It’s time to have some fun
Come meet all your neighbors
And visit “out of the sun.”

Please save an hour
Maybe even less
While you are visiting
Time files I must confess.

Where is this new nirvana
Where joy and fun abound
And Christmas packages
All come wrapped in brown?

Where, O, where, you may ask
Could this really be?
Why it’s here on St. John
That is no mystery.

Maybe you have guessed.
It is open to one and all
Come stand in line at our Post Office
You will really have a ball.

Just like a Walmart greeter
Smile and make new friends
You will have sufficient time
The line, it never ends.

Our postal staff is great
They really do as they’re instructed
It’s really not their fault
That the traffic outside’s obstructed.

So next time you come to visit
Wish the staff a hearty greeting
And find a new friend in the line
It’s really worth repeating.

– Muse of Reef Bay