Ode To Potholes

Oh, potholes, glorious potholes
You wonder where thou art?
Just try the South Shore Road
I suggest it for a start.

Just look by the red dumpster
A hole you might fall in
Or down the road a mile or two
Near where you enter the Westin

Perhaps they’re like speed bumps
To slow the traffic down
In fact the trucks are speeding
To try to make it around

The orange painting elf
Had circled some with paint
Worn off by noon the next day
The elf did nearly faint.

A pothole here, a pothole there
Can’t something soon be done?
Before my truck falls in a hole
And ends my St. John fun!
Oh potholes, my potholes
The blacktop is falling in
When they finally get to fix it
We all will wear a grin.

– The Muse of Reef Bay