Orchid Awareness & Education Group to Raffle Original Art at Agriculture Fair

The Orchid Awareness & Education Group announces an exciting raffle featuring two original orchid paintings in acrylic by acclaimed local artist Gene Rotter. The donation by Rotter offers art enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of his exquisite artwork with a raffle purchase at the Agriculture and Food Fair.

The raffle drawing is set for Monday, Feb. 19, at 3 p.m. at the Kimberly Orchids Booth #79 on the western side of the fairgrounds by the garage adjacent to the plant barn. The two orchid paintings are 16” x 20” in a wraparound canvas. Ticket price is $20 each.

“Rchg.Alexandra Kontos,” a Gene Rotter original in acrylic. (Photo courtesy Orchid Awareness & Education Group)

Rotter has been painting all of his life, more than 50 years, working with oils, acrylics and watercolors. He is known for capturing the beauty of nature through his mesmerizing orchid paintings, which highlight his mastery of color, form and emotion. His work has garnered international acclaim. A native of Cuba, Rotter circled the Caribbean as a child with his parents. He was educated and employed in New York and later moved to St. Croix in 2015. Rotter has participated in numerous art shows across the island and he created and organized the “Pride thru Art” shows in the past. He teaches art privately and currently teaches a variety of art techniques, such as recycling styrofoam in the creation of orchids, at CMCARTS.

“Cattleyas,” a Gene Rotter original in acrylic. (Photo courtesy Orchid Awareness & Education Group)


Tickets can be purchased prior to the Agriculture Fair from OAEG members or by email at orchidawarenessvi@gmail.com

All funds raised from the raffle will go directly toward the Orchid Awareness Group, thus furthering the commitment to disseminating orchid awareness. 

Established in 2017, the OAEG is a vibrant and welcoming community of orchid enthusiasts who come together to share knowledge, experience and a common love for orchids. The passion of the group members is evident in their dedication to the cultivation, appreciation and preservation of these exquisite and diverse flowering plants, OAEG President Edna Hamilton-Cirilo said. 

The group’s mission is to foster a supportive environment from beginners to seasoned growers by providing educational resources, organizing events and sharing the joy of orchid cultivation. OAEG is committed to the conservation of orchid species and a greater understanding of these remarkable plants.

On behalf of the group, Hamilton-Cirilo welcomes the seasoned orchid expert and the eager-to-learn beginner to join their community. ”Connect with fellow orchid enthusiasts, expand your knowledge and embark on a journey of orchid discovery with us,” she said.

OAEG hosts monthly workshops on the third Saturday of each month in the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts courtyard. Topics cover orchid care and propagation techniques. 

With a vibrant online presence, OAEG offers a forum for members to share photos, seek advice and engage in discussions about their orchid experiences. 

OAEG hosts a yearly orchid show in November. The National American Orchid Society judges the show.

The Orchid Awareness & Education Group encourages everyone to participate in the raffle and be a part of this meaningful initiative of promoting and supporting the passion of orchids on St. Croix.