Pastory Gardens Condo Project Site Offered For Sale for $11.8M

The Pastory Gardens complex and adjoining parking area, above, are for sale at $11.8 million.

Just weeks after a planned nine-story condominium development at the site of Pastory Gardens was reported scrapped by the developers, the existing commercial complex and adjacent 1.24-acre parcel used as parking for the restaurant have been listed for sale.

The restaurant, located at 5DA-1 Estate Pastory, is listed for sale at $6.9 million. The site’s B-2 zoning is advertised as a feature of the property.

“Incredible opportunity on this B-2 zoned one-acre site!” states the listing information. “The successful restaurant and mini golf are just the beginning of the possible uses of the great views of St. Thomas and the level site. This site is a unique opportunity for mixed use (business and retail) for a person with vision.”

“Incredible Opportunity”
The adjacent 1.237-acre parcel, 5DA-Rem Estate Pastory, is listed at $4.9 million. The parcel is currently used for parking for Pastory Gardens.

“Incredible opportunity on this 1.237-acre site!” states the listing information. “Zoned B-2, the potential for business or mixed use are super! Flat site with great views on Centerline Road, ideal spot for island business and services.”

“Combined with neighboring parcel, the potential is unlimited,” the listing information continues.

The B-2 zoning designation allows for several different uses, and there is no height restriction.

A Pastory Gardens representative did not respond to a request for comments.

Restaurant Reopens
The restaurant and bar, which features an 18-hole miniature golf course, reopened on May 24 after being closed for approximately three weeks for minor renovations.

Although it has not been confirmed by the owners of Pastory Gardens, V.I. Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) Commissioner Dean Plaskett announced at a May 11 St. John meeting that plans for an eight-story condominium development at the site had been dropped.

“The attorney representing the principals suggested to me that the project will be scrapped,” Plaskett said via speakerphone at the meeting. “They realize that I will not allow a building of that magnitude. I hope they scrap that.”

Plaskett denied plans for the 64-unit condominium project on the site based on differences between the size of the proposed project as measured by DPNR and what is allowed in the B-2 zone.

Plaskett also said DPNR had unanswered questions about the ownership of the properties involved in the project.

In turning down the Pastory redesign proposal, Plaskett said regulations would still allow for a 95,000 square foot project —almost twice the size of the Grande Bay Resort condominium project in Cruz Bay — and of any height.

DPNR spokesperson Jamal Nielsen cautioned that controversial projects such as the condominium project at Pastory could still gain DPNR approval.

No Building Height Limits
“In the B-2 zone there is no height requirement,” DPNR’s Nielsen said. “They can build a 10-story building if the want.”

“DPNR only follows the law,” said Nielsen, who called on St John residents to seek legislative action to change zoning regulations on St. John — including those which would allow the construction of condominium towers nine-stories and higher.

DPNR is no longer reviewing plans for the development, according to Nielsen.

“I can’t say whether they’ve dropped their plans or not, but we are not reviewing an application at this time,” said Nielsen.

Reef Management Group LLC original request for a permit to construct a 64-unit condominium development with several buildings, some as tall as eight stories, was denied in April. Plaskett cited title issues concerning the two parcels involved and violations of floor area ratio and density requirements.

The company was notified April 21 their application had been denied.

Less than a month later, both the restaurant and the adjacent parcel were listed for sale on May 17, according to the St. John Multiple Listing Service.