Patrick’s Under Attack by VIPA Again

VIPA officials are trying to evict Patrick’s West Indian Delight, above.

Patrick Joseph, who runs the popular Patrick’s West Indian Delight, has once again been served with an eviction notice by the V.I. Port Authority.

VIPA officials served Joseph, who has run the colorful eatery in the parking lot across from the U.S. Post Office for 30 years, with a notice to leave the premises after the authority cashed two recent rent checks, the proprietor explained.

Joseph has hired a legal representative and is ready to fight the case in V.I. Superior Court next week, he added.

Controversy around Patrick’s West Indian Delight first arose last October when VIPA executive director Darlan Brin called the popular local spot an “eyesore.”

“It’s an eyesore in my estimation,” Brin told St. John Tradewinds in October 2005. “Patrick’s has been there too long and he pays for one spot when he is using two.”

While Joseph does not have a lease for the property, he has been paying the authority on a month-to-month basis for a number of years, he explained.

An agreement seemed to have been reached last year, as Patrick’s remained open and served customers all year. Now, however, the legal fight is on again, Joseph added.

VIPA officials declined to comment on their recent legal action against Joseph.

“Since this matter is pending in court, the Port Authority is not able to comment at this time,” said VIPA spokesperson Marc Stridiron.