Paw for a Moment by Bonny Corbeil


Bonny with her family.

Many Ways To Help 

In our last Column, we reported on our ACC Annual meeting held at the St. John School on Gifft Hill on Wed. January, 24, 2007.
All in all, it reported a successful year.

Let's all remember that it was the first full year of a re-organizational effort to open the ACC doors back up; create an ACC business plan and as well as a solid Board of Directors to ensure that this good work of caring for homeless, neglected and abused animals on our Island could continue.

We should also acknowledge again, those individuals who took us this far as well. Organizations are initially started and built by people who see a need and do what they can to address it. Everyone who cares in any way through their involvement contributes — whether it be through direct animal “hands-on”care at the shelter; skills sharing in budgetary planning ; involvement in fund raising like participating in our annual Wagapooloza event; in participating as a Board Member to help direct the growth of our Center; as well as simply coming down to our ACC and becoming a member!

If you have participated in any way — you have contributed to “Help Us Care.”

Our deepest thanks goes to you — from the animals.

To those who wish to get involved we say “Welcome — come and help us out!”

You can contact any Board Member and let us know how you would like to participate in sharing your passion and skills. Probably the most important need at the moment is in increasing our fund raising through grant writing. There is a lot of grant money available to address our animal needs.

Is there someone in our Community who could help us with this skill — or know someone who can?

Our ACC is particularly interested in addressing “animal abuse issues.” We believe that with more education and an implementation of Bill #25 in The Animal Anti-Cruelty Act we will be able to do some very important work for our St. John community.

We see that many of our Stateside “Snowbirds” have returned.

We welcome you “Home.”  We are also aware that many of you love animals and perhaps do not get the opportunity to support us as you are often on the Mainland during our regular fund raisers.

We hope that you will consider having a “Neighborhood -ACC Support the Animals of St. John Party” during your winter stay, to help us with our year-round work. Quite often, us year-round residents start becoming too busy to initiate fund raising from January to April.

Would you like to “Help Us Care?”
We would be willing to assist you in setting these up — and would be happy to report in this Paws column, your contributions as well as creativity! Any amount raised is very helpful to us. Missing your dog while in the Islands? How about walking one of ours and helping the shelter out? Contact Connie at our ACC at 774-1625.

Here are some 2006 numbers that our St. John Community should be interested in knowing:
264 cats were spayed/neutered.
35 dogs were spayed/neutered.
62 dogs and puppies were adopted out.
75 cats and kittens were adopted out.

Your ACC provided 7 tons or 781 bags of Whiskas dry cat food to the 27 “orphaned” cat feeding stations on St. John.

We are in need more cat stations to place homeless cats. Can you help?

Treasurer Holly Hardy presented the 2006 P&L and Balance Sheet which indicated a $21,000.00 loss for the year. This specified information is available for your review at our ACC.

When subtracting the capital improvement, there is approximately a $8,000.00 operating loss.

Our ACC must reduce expenses by that amount or increase fund raising efforts. Together we can.

Feel free to contact me at or 693-5874 for suggestions or further information.

We are 4 months away from Wagapooloza – Are you and your dog working on tricks?