Paws for a Moment

More Updates on Our Fabulous Kismet Party for the Animals

By Bonny Corbeil

This year’s “Christmas for the Animals” fundraiser on Saturday, January 5, from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the beautiful Kismet Villa may very well be the “dog-gone-most furr-bulous party of the year!”

Our exciting theme is Arabian Nights, with dress being island fancy or Arabian fantasy. Tickets are $100 each and will be on sale soon. Ticket sales are limited and would be a “purr-fect” gift for an animal lover you know.

Look for raffle ticket sales as well, with donations from generous St. John businesses as the prizes. Raffle tickets are $10 each or three for $25, with the grand prize being a luxurious five-star weekend for two at Kismet with numerous amenities and pampering fit for a star, valued at approximately $9,000.

You can be sure that there will be some outstanding outfits fashioned after Lawrence of Arabia, Aladdin’s Lamp and of course “I Dream of Jeannie.”

The plans underway are exciting, including Arabian-themed entertainment and performances including the Famous Fuego Fireater and an array of belly dancers, and Koko and The Sunshine Band acoustic duo with Mahlon Pickering and Wesley Thomas doing traditional Quelbe Christmas songs. There will also be a special cigar bar and a dart and pool tournament.

Parking will be available on the road across from the Westin in the villas area, and a shuttle service will be provided. All proceeds will go to The ACC. Look for our specially designed posters and tickets, available soon at the usual St. John ticket outlets.

The Story Behind This Party:
Kismet is a beautifully designed villa by architect Robert Crane and built by St. John builder Fred Trayser, and owned by Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Levy. Long-time locals Adrian Novak and Michelle Petersen are the on-site managers who bring upscale five-star concierge service to every guest.

The animals who live at Kismet are also quite special. Take “Karma,” the rescued cat who reigns as “Queen of Kismet” when Dr. Levy and his wife Elizabeth are on-island. In fact, her picture sits in the great room for all to see.

I believe that “Karma” — a befitting name — won the “kitty lottery.” She was a small lost kitten who was found by Liz under the boardwalk at Fire Island. Little did she know the life ahead of her.

The fact is that while working at Kismet with Adrian and Michelle, I came face to face for the first time with Karma as she sat huddled under the master bedroom bed.

I have a “cat orphanage” at Calabash Boom, with a good 10 homeless cats so I am beginning to feel like a kind of “cat expert” in communication — from meowing sounds to “kitty…kitty…kitty” calls. I also like talking to cats, too!

I have read that cats have learned to “talk back” to people through meowing, because they understand the kind of relationship — and of course the amazing benefits — that can develop through this exchange. I have watched feral cats change through time as I courted them through conversation. It works. Bonds are quickly made, and skitty kitties quickly turn into lap lions.

Well, Karma and I started an interesting relationship. Her first impression of me, with a noisy vacuum cleaner, was not a good one. I decided to discuss the issue with her. She understood. At one point, I said to her, “Have you any idea of the good fortune you have at being the Kismet Kitty?”

She purred back. Karma was the one who suggested that perhaps Kismet could be used to help her less fortunate island cousins. Karma didn’t really say that to me, but you know how ideas are, and she planted that idea — possibly with the help of “Puppet” and “Bahboo,” two adopted feral cats who are still “skitty kitties” who found Kismet and consequently also live there though in less style — by choice of course — than Miss Karma, the Queen Kitty of Kismet!

Karma would like me to officially invite everyone to purchase a ticket to attend this ACC gala party to benefit all of the less fortunate cats and dogs on St. John. She promises that it will be a purrfectly, furrbulous party! Just maybe our Queen will accept formal invitations for audiences at this party — depending, of course, on her mood that day. You know how cats are.

For more information contact me at or call 693-5874.