Paws for a Moment by Bonny Corbeil

Miss Princess, a rescued ACC dog who now dedicates her time to teaching the importance of “Kindness to Animals” at local schools sends “Season’s Greetings” to the St. John Community and thanks everyone for supporting our ACC on behalf the of needy animals of St. John.

Holiday Spirit of Good Will 

“Good will” is the feeling of Christmas that unites us all in the most wonderful way at this time of the year. Simple and basic kindness is at the base of goodwill. It is often easy to demonstrate kindness in our daily interactions with each other by doing small, spontaneous gestures: opening a door; giving someone struggling with groceries a ride up the hill; hailing someone up and asking how they are; smiling at a stranger to make them feel welcomed. Yet the power of goodwill and kindness is no small thing!
“Kindness Classes”

Rev. Anne Marie Porter understands this. She has been responsible in initiating “Kindness Classes” within the St. John community schools. The many “Be Kind” bumper stickers seen on numerous vehicles are her creation. Though this program is focused on being kind to animals, Anne Marie believes that “when children’s hearts are open to animals, kindness is ignited,” and the power of being kind is set into motion to ripple out throughout the community. When we learn to be kind to animals, we have a powerful internal experience of the heart, that we then take to many other parts of our life.

My personal experiences in teaching these kindness classes to children have filled me with hope. I have seen the hearts of the children of our community, and they are full of goodwill and kindness. When we act in a kind manner whether to animals, the environment, or to each other, we really hold onto the spirit at the core of Christmas…goodwill! Thank you Anne Marie for all of your efforts in reminding our community about the power of simple kindness…and how important it is in promoting “Goodwill towards all Mankind.”

As this Christmas season quickly approaches, we are once again filled with the spirit of goodwill.

The Board of Directors of your ACC wants you to know how much we have appreciated the community’s support throughout the past year. As we work towards fulfilling our mandate of protecting animals, we invite you to get involved to help us continue our good work, for there is much to do. We could not continue if it were not for the generosity and concern of each and every one of you. Our deepest heartfelt thanks from us and from the many homeless, sick and abused animals that your donations support to “Help Us Care.”

We hope that we can continue to depend on you through donations; involvements in fund raisers; membership fees and in the all-important hands-on volunteer work directly with animals. A very special acknowledgment must be made to Connie Joseph, our ACC Shelter Manager and Diana Ripley, ACC Board Member and Shelter Chair. These women are on the front line of animal care at our ACC. They do a terrific though often difficult job. We are grateful for their ongoing commitment and time at our shelter. Thank you both!

May the holidays be filled with joy, goodwill and kindness to each other and to our furry friends, and may this spirit continue throughout the coming year!