Paws for a Moment by Bonny Corbeil


Bonny with her furry friends and family.

Wagapalooza: Many Thanks To Many People

I was unable to attend our annual Wagapalooza fund raiser this year, however, I was actively involved in volunteer recruitment prior to the event. As I sit here in Canada, I feel deep gratitude to those of you who so readily agreed to help out! I understand from my online reviews that it was a huge success.

First, thanks to Roger W. Morgan from St. Croix’s 93.5 FM radio station who graciously agreed to emcee the event. Thank you also Roger for the continual free promotion. Your dedication to the good of our Virgin Islands is wonderful.
Paul Devine, always one to help out, was a pleasure to work with. He is full of great ideas and organizational skills. I know that having these two at the helm of the “Waga Program” was a great asset! As usual, Lee Stanciauskas from St. John Printing did our beautiful posters and flyers free of charge.

Thank you Suzanne Kirk, ACC fundraising chair, and Nancy Louis, who spent many hours planning, getting raffle prizes and involving school children in the t-shirt contest. Our entire ACC Board of Directors demonstrated deep commitment as well.

Alfredo Alejo was described as a godsend in setting up and breaking down the ball field; Jen Dale made signs and offered her professionalism in numerous areas; Sheila Karcher and our ACC President B.J. Harris, along with her husband Tom, did what needed doing.

It is not easy getting community volunteers when people have so many time restraints and are so busy. What was particularly wonderful to me was the way teams of people networked others to help. Jesse and Matt Cawley (former bartender extraordinaire from ZoZo’s) created the best Waga bar ever, which included Veronica O’Brien Powell, Tyson Reed, Katie Zaytoun and others.

What a fabulous way to broaden the circle of involvement and add greater spirit to the event! Then there were the “old time” regulars — the Middleage Majorettes, always a fun batch of gals adding personality and pizzazz to the mix. Thank you Celia, Parrothead Pam, Pam Gaffin, Dianna Sommerville and Carol from Scenic Properties. Mary Blazine as usual was ready with her crew to help in any way needed.

There were many other wonderful folks who graciously said yes when asked to help. Monica and Bruce Monroe were the first, along with Calvin George, Michaela McCord, Mary Gurley, John Campbell, Pirate Bill, Lucy Portluck, Sherri Rayber, Erica and Kurt and Mark Shekleton. Special appreciation goes to Dave D’Alberto, who photo-cataloged the event, as well as Kim Cardwell, who photographed kids on donkeys and with their best furry friends.

A personal thanks from me to Frenchie Andy and his wife Carole who manned my ACC educational  table in my absence. To Connie Joseph, our shelter manager, and Joey Danishet-sky, your commitment to our animals is evident. We are blessed to have you on staff.

To all of our St. John contributors and supporters we say a heart-felt thank you from every animal that has ever been in need of shelter, food, water, medical attention, compassion, rescuing or a loving home. We hope to grow this event even bigger and better next year!

I would like to invite everyone who volunteered or attended our Waga event to give us suggestions for 2008. Can you get a team of animal lovers together and bring a great idea to next year’s event to help in our fund raising? Now that we have a big field, a captured audience and multiplying animal needs on St. John we invite you to “Help Us Care.”

I’d love to hear your feedback and evaluation on Waga 2007 as well as suggestions and ideas for a better Waga 2008 so we can raise $50,000! With your ideas and involvement we can do it. Email me at

Again, on behalf of the entire ACC Board of Directors, thank you St. John for your continual involvement and support.