People Across Caribbean Nations Join Events to Call for Urgent Climate Action

“I Love the Caribbean” group in Guyana. (Photo courtesy Caribbean Climate Network)(Photo courtesy Caribbean Climate Network)

During June 14-16, hundreds of passionate individuals from eight Caribbean countries came together for an initiative called “I Love the Caribbean,” creating a unified call for urgent climate action.

Organized by the Caribbean Climate Network in collaboration with partner organizations throughout the region, these events aimed to highlight the things and places loved by Caribbean people, amplify the voices of those directly impacted by climate change and advocate for immediate measures to safeguard our planet’s future, according to the press release.

“I Love the Caribbean” group in Trinidad and Tobago.. (Photo courtesy Caribbean Climate Network)

Caribbean nations are currently facing heatwaves in the north and center of the region, intense rainfall in the south and water crises in several islands. With this concern in mind, participants held events to ask leaders to take actions that protect communities from future impacts, the press release stated.

“I Love the Caribbean” group in the Dominican Republic. (Photo courtesy Caribbean Climate Network)

In Jamaica, participants gathered to underscore the critical role of local coffee production and its vulnerability to the ravages of climate change. Meanwhile, in Puerto Rico, advocates convened at the beach to advocate for climate policies that protect endangered coral reefs and the invaluable local fruit species. Similar mobilizations took place in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, and Suriname, each tailored to the unique environmental challenges and cultural contexts of the respective nations, the release stated.

“The Caribbean is such an amazing region and it is unfair that we are already experiencing so many of the effects of the climate crisis without having contributed to the problem as much as other regions of the world,” said Amira Odeh from Puerto Rico, spokesperson of the Caribbean Climate Network. “The beautiful things we have are part of our culture and personalities and we want to make sure that we don’t lose them in the future, we are calling for climate measures to be taken now, not when it might already be too late.”

“I Love the Caribbean” group in Puerto Rico. (Photo courtesy Caribbean Climate Network)

With a tone of urgency permeating throughout, these events highlighted the interconnectedness of environmental preservation, cultural heritage, and social justice. From using art as a tool for activism to advocating for renewable energy transitions, participants showcased the diverse ways in which communities are mobilizing to combat the climate crisis, according to the release.

“I Love the Caribbean” group in Grenada. (Photo courtesy Caribbean Climate Network)

The Caribbean Climate Network, a team within, remains committed to fostering grassroots movements and driving systemic change towards a climate-safe world. In cooperation with partners, work is done to amplify the voices of frontline communities, advocate for equitable climate solutions, and work towards a sustainable future for all, it said.

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