Photo Focus: Humane Society Campus Dedication and Open House

The spirit of community and compassion shone brightly Sunday as the Humane Society of St. Thomas hosted an open house and dedicated its Humane Care Campus to Margot Macdonald Bachman. Bachman was known for her deep love of animals and generous contributions, including a donation of over $1 million to the Humane Society.

Michelle Robbins, executive director of the Humane Society of St. Thomas, speaks passionately to public. (Source photo by Nyomi Gumbs)

The open house was not only a highlight of recent updates but also a heartfelt call to action for continued support and advocacy to prevent a repeat of past events. “Right now, in all honesty, we have about two months’ worth of funding to continue on. We really need everyone’s support so that we can do some of these projects that we are in dire need of,” shared Michelle Robins, executive director of the Humane Society.

She highlighted the financial challenges the shelter faces, adding, “The thrift store, in the time that I’ve been here, has generated $511,000, but when it costs $1.7 million and up per year to run this campus and house and feed all the animals … we need more than the $500,000 that the thrift store provides.”

Adajah George, vet assistant, leads a tour of the campus grounds. (Source photo by Nyomi Gumbs)


Humane Society staff members showcased newly updated and improved spaces throughout the campus, providing attendees with an in-depth look at the enhancements and impact they have had on the shelter’s operations and animal care.

Anika Henry, vet assistant, explains the surgery prep process. (Source photo by Nyomi Gumbs)

Upgrades include a new Wellness Spay/Neuter Clinic, which offers free spaying and neutering services to the public.

Staff member spends some play time in recreational area with dogs. (Source photo by Nyomi Gumbs)

Many of the previously neglected or overcrowded play areas have been thoroughly cleaned up and are now regularly utilized, allowing the shelter dogs to enjoy a better quality of life.

From left, volunteers Amie Mayes and Sonya Daopoulous provide volunteer information to attendees. (Source photo by Nyomi Gumbs)

Multiple information booths set up across the campus provided valuable details on the different ways individuals can volunteer, whether through donating time or offering financial support. Creative programs like “Doggie for the Day” enable volunteers to take a shelter dog off-campus for a fun activity, such as a beach day! For more information on volunteering, please visit

Becca Brown, new office manager at the Humane Society. (Source photo by Nyomi Gumbs)

Information on upcoming initiatives was also available to the public, including enhancements to dog walking trails and a new puppy play area. An overview of the shelter’s revenue and expenses was also available.

Two puppies available for fostering or adopting having a grand ole time. (Source photo by Nyomi Gumbs)c
Caitlin and James Nichols, both members of Humane Society’s Foster Committee. (Source photo by Nyomi Gumbs)

Speaking on the importance of the Humane Society’s foster programs, James Nichols, a board member and member of the Foster Committee, highlighted, “The foster program is really meant to be adaptable.” He explained that fostering, even for a short period of time, can be helpful. “It offers two primary benefits. When people open their homes to animals in need, it expands the shelter’s capacity to help. Additionally, fostering provides animals with the opportunity to experience life as a pet and be part of a family.”

The Humane Society always welcomes dedicated volunteers to join its team. For more information on how you can get involved, please contact