Photo Focus: Love City’s Quelbe for Three Kings Day

Three Kings Day may have seen the last lap of Crucian Christmas Festival, but on Saturday in Love City, St. John, there were two laps around the town, up the hill and down, starting at the National Park ballfield as a flatbed truck rolled up the road with Quelbe Resurrection on board.

An eager crowd followed the rhythm to the heart of town.

Quelbe Resurrection on a roll. (Photo by Judi Shimel)

But it was not a flash mob; word spread late in the week, drawing residents and visitors who jumped inside with the band as it moved through town.

The holidays aren’t over yet. (Photo by Judi Shimel)

The band went past Ubaldina Simmons Post Office and onto Franklin Powell Park, still decked out for the season, then round and round the loop through the heart of town.

A festive palm tree in Franklin Powell Park. (Photo by Judi Shimel)

The fun began around 6 p.m., bringing revelers’ bright spirits through twilight.

Sundown in Cruz Bay town. (Photo by Judi Shimel)

Then up the hill for those who had some energy, still, past the traffic circle and downhill to Cruz Bay Creek, demonstrating again that you only go around once in life unless you take the loop in Cruz Bay Quarter.