How to Pick the Perfect Paint for Your Home

Glossy ceilings are great for all white rooms. Photo courtesy of Tiffany Cassidy and Lagnappe Custom Interiors. [hr gap=”1″]

Painting the interior walls of your home is one of the best ways to customize and add your own personal style to your space. Picking the right paint color can seem overwhelming, especially considering the time and money that goes into the project. Keep reading for insights into trendy paint colors and tips on covering your walls with your chosen hue.

Today’s Hottest Paint Colors: Hues of Grey

Over the past couple of years, grey has replaced beige. Clients are trending toward cooler tones in décor schemes. If chosen well, grey walls can add an air of sophistication and a subtle, cool vibe to the room while still staying neutral. If chosen poorly, grey walls can feel sad and a bit like unfinished concrete. My favorite grey shade for bedrooms is Benjamin Moore Wickham grey HC-171. I love the way it changes in different light; during the day it’s very light and fresh while at night it’s very cozy. Its slight undertone of blue pairs well with an indigo accent wall, too.

In family rooms and kitchens, I love Ship Shape from Martin Senour paints – it’s just grey enough to contrast nicely with fresh white trim! To pair the grey walls well and not get a space that feels sad, mix this wall color with a warm flooring; a walnut-toned hardwood contrasts beautifully as do travertine marble floors or countertops in a kitchen.

If you are looking to create a room with a lot of energy, a kid’s playroom for example, try Benjamin Moore Sleigh Bells #1480 and use an accent wall in Tangerine Fusion #083, also from Benjamin Moore.

Sheen Options

The sheen choice has more to do with the condition of the walls than which room we are painting. Walls that are a little less than perfect do best with flat paint; the soft finish reflects light in a way that makes imperfections a little less obvious. Most of the modern formulations still clean and touch up well. If walls are in good shape and I want to try to reflect a little lighter, I often choose an eggshell finish. I almost always reserve the glossy finishes for trim work. It’s a nice contrast in texture that keeps the room looking fresh.

Complementary Colors

Paint colors are the easiest and least expensive way to customize your home and create mood in a room.  I never paint an entire home in one color, even if it’s only shades of white; the right shade can have a huge effect on how the space feels. If you are doing a cozy grey bedroom for example, you may want to choose something a little creamier and light in the adjacent living area.

Look for a color that has an undertone that refers to the one in the next room. For example, if you’ve chosen Wickham Grey for your bedroom (HC-171), Natural Wicker from Benjamin Moore (#950) would be a great choice for your living area. It’s a nice, light cream color with a touch of a grey undertone to help the two pull together. If you want colors with a bigger “voice,” look for complementary shades that are opposites on the color wheel; they will produce a room with a lot more energy.

Painting the Ceiling

In rooms with low ceilings I love to choose a color with a touch of blue in it to help the room feel a little more open; it mimics the sky. My favorite ceiling color is Benjamin Moore Lilly White #2128-70 – it’s like a breath of fresh air! In all white rooms I love a glossy, boldly colored ceiling; it’s a very good look for powder rooms where a bold splash is a little easier to live with, too.

Take these tips and use paint to create a unique environment in your home. The right paint color, sheen and accent combination can set the tone and mood that you want in your home

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