Pine Peace Playground Finally Open for Children

The recently assembled playground at Pine Peace.


Playground equipment which has sat dormant at the Pine Peace playground and basketball court for several months has finally been assembled and the facility is now open to all Love City youth.

The Department of Housing, Parks and Recreation was hard at work last week assembling the new equipment.

“The whole playset will be there with three slides — one’s a dual slide — and a tunnel attached to another slide,” HPR’s St. John Administrator Hubert Moscoso said last week. “There is going to be a lot of space for the kids to go up and down and swing. It’s going to be really nice; we’re glad to see it’s taking shape.”

The corner of the facility where the playground equipment was stored will be turned into a sandy play area, Moscoso added.

“We’re really moving in the right direction,” he said. “I know sometimes it’s not fast enough for most people, but we’re taking small steps and it’s showing.”

The possibility of installing drainage at the basketball court, which has suffered from flooding in the past, is being discussed as well, but HPR’s current focus is the playground, according to Moscoso.

“It’s an added benefit for the children,” he said. “It’s another place for them to run around and play and exercise. The kids ask me all the time when it’s going to be done.”

“They’re really anxious to get there and start swinging around, so I’m really stoked that it’s going to be completed,” Moscoso added.