Plans to St. John May Change


I just saw on Fox News Tonight that there was an unsolved murder of 21-year-old Jamie Cockayne on the island of St. John. How is the investigation going?

I was planning a honeymoon there, but now I’m not sure how safe it is. Just how incompetent can the police be not to make any arrests on such a tiny island? If your police force lacks the education and discipline to conduct a successful investigation, why don’t you let the FBI take over?

Why would I travel to a small island that is housing a dangerous killer who the police are not arresting? This makes me so angry to have to change my travel plans.

Get the FBI on this case and get the killer arrested. I’d rather enjoy the beaches in the Virgin Islands than go to Hawaii, but St. John appears too dangerous now (and you can forget about St. Croix or St. Thomas).

Daniel Park, New York City