Plaskett Visits Veteran Affairs Clinic in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett visits the Veteran Affairs clinic in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Submitted photo)

Congresswoman Plaskett, a member of the House Ways and Means, Budget and Agriculture Committees released the following statement after visiting the Veteran Affairs Clinic in San Juan, Puerto Rico this week:

“Yesterday, I visited with the leadership at the Veteran Affairs hospital facility in San Juan, P.R., to receive updates. They were happy to share several changes made based on the requests from our veterans and highlighted several items for USVI vets at the Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOCs) in the territory:

The CBOCs have partnered with the Roy L. Schneider Hospital on STT to offer phlebotomy services at the CBOC in the near future, which would make it more convenient for veterans to do bloodwork.

Expanded community care by adding care providers that are approved to provide services to vets here in the territory.

At the CBOC on STX, they are working to find a permanent provider, but there is a temporary provider in place.

At the CBOC on STT, the private contractor that now runs service will continue the lease at the existing location. So far, most of the feedback about the services has been positive. They are still working to improve the phone communication on both islands, but there has been a major improvement.

Implementation of the new charter flight services to PR from each island in our territory will allow our veterans to travel more efficiently.

“I was encouraged by the positive progress made for our veterans. I will continue to work with our local partners, including Director Patrick Farrell of the Virgin Islands Department of Veterans Affairs, to advance equity for our veterans. Additionally, I would like to encourage all the veterans in our territory to register with our territory’s local VA office. This will enable us to have accurate numbers which will improve our ability to obtain additional services.”