Please Don’t Shoot the Messenger


I am not sure exactly what the writers were objecting to when they whined about the reporting of the listing of a piece of land at Peter Bay. It seemed as if the information that was written was timely, factual, and most likely interesting to the majority of your readers.

Real estate is one of those topics that a large cross section of people can relate to. Unlike commodities, stocks, gold, or currencies, where a piece of property is, what someone paid for it, and what it might sell for, are concepts that captivate and educate the public.

Do you think that the singer is embarassed to be selling for more than he paid? I am sure he is not. Are the people who live off of the North Shore Road embarrassed because they think others will think they have money? We are already pretty sure that they do.

It is my opinion, shared by some, but certainly not all, that the citizens of St. John might actually benefit from sustaining the vibrant real estate market, embracing the high property values and the resulting property tax impact that has followed. What is being done with all that tax money?

Please don’t shoot the messenger. The reporting of local events in small places is one of the most important public trusts. Think about the way things might be on your island if its leaders were allowed to operate in total darkness, the way they would like to.

R. Zoebisch