Police Department Reminds Public of Halloween Safety Tips

A Halloween pumpkin grins

The Virgin Islands Police Department (VIPD) reminds parents, children and guardians who will be handing out and collecting treats to remain alert and to stay safe this Halloween.

Motorist Safety
Motorists are being asked to not only drive with extreme caution but also to drive extra slowly in neighborhoods and residential areas because children may be playing and crossing the streets in their neighborhoods.

Practice extra caution at intersections and corners.

Pull in and out of driveways, carefully.

Children will be walking house to house, and depending on the availability of sidewalks, they may be near or actually on the roadway.

Trick or Treating Safety
Children should never go “trick or treating” alone; they should always have a parent or a group of friends with them at all times and always carry a flashlight.

Children should never go into a stranger’s home or car or take short cuts through backyards or alleys.

Stay off the main roadways.

For added visibility, consider using “glow sticks” and/or reflective tape attached to the costumes or bags.

Before crossing the street, always look in both directions twice to make sure there is no moving traffic.

Children should never eat fruit or candy until examined by their parents or guardian. Never trust candy that has loose wrapping, is unwrapped or has holes in the package. When in doubt – Throw it out!

For those homes participating in handing out treats, keep on the outside lights, and keep pets locked in the house away from trick or treaters.

The Virgin Islands Police Department will continue to be highly visible to ensure the safety of the public. Call 911 to report any suspicious activity.