Pond Bay Club Developers “Testing Waters” on Permits

Developers of Pond Bay Club are “testing the waters” before they re-file an application for a major Coastal Zone Management permit to construct a 56-unit luxury hotel project on 15 acres of waterfront property in Estate Chocolate Hole.

The project includes plans for three and four-bedroom cottages and villas, tennis courts, swimming pools, a gym, a full service spa and a 140-seat restaurant. The developers’ previous permit, granted in 2002, was deemed invalid last month by the St. John CZM Committee because construction had not commenced within a year of the permit’s issuance.

Environmental Testing
Before construction could begin, however, developers were required to conduct extensive environmental testing, which delayed the start of construction, explained Robert Emmett, managing director of First American Development Group-/Carib, the company behind the project.

Despite this argument, Pond Bay Club developers were told their permit was invalid and they would have to start the permitting process again. CZM staff offered their assistance with streamlining the process, CZM director Victor Somme explained at September’s St. John CZM Committee meeting.

“Testing the Waters”
Pond Bay Club developers are considering re-filing for the permit, according to Emmett.

“We’re testing the waters,” he said. “We’re working on putting together a package and we’re going to see if it’s going to be a marathon effort or not. We appreciate CZM saying they would work with us.”

“We’ll see if this is going to work,” Emmett continued.