Popular Bank Launches New Way to Apply for Business Loans


Popular Bank (Submitted photo)

Popular Bank has announced the launch of a new digital platform for small business owners to apply for loans and lines of credit in an agile and convenient way. The platform includes an innovative, secure system designed to allow customers to manage their applications online at any time, simplifying the process.

The digital tool works instantly after the business owner creates his or her registration account and logs in using the portal www.popularbusinessplatform.com. Through the digital platform, customers can fill out their business information, choose the reason for which they are requesting credit and even add the necessary documents. Once submitted, they can access the platform to check the status of their application at any time.

“At Popular, we are focused on finding innovative tools that facilitate our customers’ work, while allowing them to continue strengthening their businesses. This new digital application will be of great benefit to our commercial customers. It also allows us, as a bank, to continue providing services in line with the digital world we work with daily,” said Oran Roebuck, senior vice president of Popular’s Virgin Island Region.

As part of the benefits obtained by applying for commercial loans, Popular offers competitive interest rates and convenient payment plans, automatic debit of the business account, terms based on the purpose and collateral of the financing, among others. In addition, with the commercial line of credit, customers can obtain the working capital to finance their business needs.

Business owners seeking additional information may call 1-855-756-3939.