Port Authority Working Out Delays at USVI Air, Sea Ports

Blyden Terminal, St. Thomas (File photo)
Blyden Terminal, St. Thomas (File photo)

Delays continue at the St. Thomas airport as Port Authority contractors are still fixing an unexplained environmental issue found during construction , according to a news release issued Wednesday.

Special equipment has been imported to resolve the problem, Port Authority Executive Director Carlton Dowe said in the release.

On Feb. 9, the Port Authority reported that U.S. Customs officers have been temporarily relocated from Checkpoint B to Checkpoint A in the terminal to screen passengers. Checkpoint A is a smaller checkpoint with fewer stations. This will cause the screening process to take longer than normal. Travelers are advised to arrive at the airport three to four hours prior to their scheduled departure time, especially during the hours of noon through 5 p.m.

Similar conditions were discovered around the same time during repairs at the Blyden Terminal and Customs was relocated there, too.

The Port Authority has not specified what exactly the environmental issue is.

VIPA relocated Customs and Border Patrol officers to the Urman Fredericks Marine Terminal in Red Hook while the matter was mitigated. All the repairs have been completed. CBP officers will return to the Blyden Terminal and all operations will resume as normal by February 27, according to the Port Authority.

At St. Croix’s Henry E. Rohlsen Airport, Port Authority received complaints from the public concerning a three-hour wait time before being able to be processed for early-morning flights on American Airlines departing from St. Croix. According to the release, the Port Authority is working with the airline’s representatives and Customs and Border Patrol to extend their hours of operations at the St. Croix airport.