Public Schools Open with Energetic Students and Teachers

Kobe Valmond and Khalid Smith sharpen their pencils to get ready for class.

Both St. John public schools opened on Monday, August 28, with few problems as students and teachers were energized for the new school year.

“I was scared that we wouldn’t be ready, but the maintenance crew did an excellent job,” said Alicia Wells, substitute Principal for Guy Benjamin School. “They performed a Herculean effort really. The parents were happy, the students were happy and we’re going strong.”

“It’s going really well,” she added.

Julius E. Sprauve School Principal Mario Francis said that all was running smoothly in the Cruz Bay school as well.

“Things are going remarkably well,” he said. “We’ve overcome most of our hurdles. The faculty and the students are energized and enthused for the new school year.”


Julius E. Sprauve School eighth graders take a moment between classes to smile for the camera.

Block Scheduling
JESS is experimenting with block scheduling — with students having 90-minute periods instead of the usual 45-minute classes — for the first time this year, Francis explained.

“There is more time for time on task and for using a variety of methodologies with the block scheduling,” he said. “So students leave the classroom with a better understanding of the material.”