“Nature’s Bottleneck”

St. John Tradewinds,

We all know it and suffer with it. It is that incredible bottleneck that blocks traffic throughout the town. Constantly cars and trucks will park at Nature’s to shop or hang out while taking half of a lane of traffic and causing a backup of traffic that reaches from Mongoose to Dolphin.

Twice this week, in my few trips to town, traffic was blocked in all directions for over 20 minutes. The barge was dropping off, car rentals were servicing, the fish guy was selling to double parked cars, and Nature’s had two cars parked half in the street. What a nightmare! I saw two police cars drive by without concern. Doesn’t anyone care? This intersection has been a problem for years, but now it is just horrible. What lunatic thinks that this is where we need a vendor’s plaza?

Recently, a mother with a baby was hit by a car crushing her legs. The driver blamed his flip-flops. Imagine if a flip-flop caused a car to plow through walkers between First Bank and the ferry dock, wouldn’t that be terrible? Isn’t there any planning for Cruz Bay? Doesn’t public safety care? Who’s in charge here anyway?

Car #38 waiting to get past Nature’s