Rae Ellen Lee Releases New Memoir “My Next Husband Will be Normal” About St. John Life

Rae Ellen Lee’s first memoir, “I Only Cuss When I’m Sailing” (first published as “If The Shoe Fits” by Sheridan House), chronicles her move in 1997 with her husband, Tom, from the mountains of Montana to the West Coast to live on an a sailboat, The Shoe.

The goal was  fix up the leaky old bucket, learn to sail, and set off for the Caribbean.

Now Great Blue Graphics is pleased to announce publication of that book’s sequel. In this second memoir, “My Next Husband Will Be Normal – A St. John Adventure,” Lee and her husband ditch the sailboat idea in 2001 and fly to the U.S. Virgin Islands, with a down payment for a mom and pop business on St. John.

The plan — when they aren’t sewing and selling canvas bags at their little shop, The Canvas Factory, they’ll be beach potatoes. But soon after unpacking their flip-flops, her husband — a former Republican state legislator with a silver crew-cut and solid traditional values — realizes he might really be a she.

Convinced the world needs more humor, Lee rations the angst while favoring the picturesque and absurd, of which there is plenty. Adding heat to this lively and personal story of love and transformation is a cast of colorful cats, Caribbean personalities, and customers from around the world. Toss in a few sex toys, some steel pan music, a pinch of voodoo — and stir.

“My Next Husband Will Be Normal” is available in print or as an e-book through Lee’s website, www.raeellenlee.com. The print edition is also available from select Cruz Bay shops. Or order the book from bookstores everywhere, by special order at no extra cost. E-book:  ISBN 978-0-9619328-4-8, $4.99. Paper:  ISBN 978-0-9619328-5-5, $14.95.

Lee now lives and writes in Bellingham, WA.  Visit her at www.raeellenlee.com for more information.