Ray Fonseca Endorses Mapp/Potter Ticket, Cites Mapp’s Sound Management

Ray Fonseca

Citing the financial dexterity and post-hurricane efficiency of the Mapp-Potter Administration, Ray Fonseca, the candidate for lieutenant governor on the Mosler/Fonseca ticket, declared his support for the re-election of Gov. Ken Mapp and Lt. Gov. Osbert E. Potter.

Following meetings with Gov. Mapp and his team, Fonseca announced his backing for the Mapp/Potter ticket for the runoff election, slated for Nov. 17, 18 and 20.

Discussions among Fonseca, Mapp and Potter focused closely on priorities such as income tax refunds and the Government Employees’ Retirement System (GERS) contributions.

Fonseca said, “The status of the new construction of both hospitals and also WAPA (Water and Power Authority) and education … are top priorities of the Mapp-Potter Administration.”

Recognizing the executive leadership of the Mapp administration, Fonseca urged residents to “please remember, our V.I. suffered two Category 5 hurricanes. Our tourism industry was completely destroyed. Without this major tax revenue base, the governor was able to still make all government payrolls.”

He also noted that the current administration “inherited an income tax refund accounts payable debt from the de Jongh administration, and he was substantially able to pay off that debt.”

Fonseca is confident GERS is being cared for by a capable team: “After discussing the Mosler/Fonseca GERS plan … I can assure you the GERS will be in good hands and that no retirement benefits will be cut and no contributions will increase.”

The politician also said, “Our system of government needs checks and balances. The Democratic Party now has a super, super majority in our (Virgin Islands) Legislature and can override and pass any law they see fit. The Democratic Party has absolute power and control over our government, and this should be balanced.”

Fonseca recognizes his vote for Gov. Mapp means uninterrupted stability in the civil service. “We must put an end to the mass layoff method where an incoming governor demands a post-dated letter of resignation of all of the employees that are exempt and non-union.”

Such illogical proposed actions, he contended, would be harmful: “Our island cannot afford the Bryan/Roach team conducting wholesale terminations of hardworking individuals for no cause. For these reasons, I’m supporting the Mapp/Potter Administration. Please join us and on Nov. 20; vote Mapp-Potter.”