Record 42 Percent of Party Members Vote in Competitive Democratic Primary


Poll worker Beverly Biziewski was kept busy at the Julius E. Sprauve School polling station during the Demcratic primary election on Saturday, September 9, as a record number of voters participated.

Voters turned out in record numbers in the Democratic primary election on Saturday, September 9, and their support for gubernatorial candidate John deJongh and Senator at Large candidate Craig Barshinger was heard loud and clear.

There was a 42 percent participation rate in this year’s primary, compared with a 23.2 percent participation rate in the last election’s primary, according to Super-visor of Elections John Abramson Jr.

“This is increasing participation,” he said. “I think it’s a pretty good jump, due to the number of candidates. We had quite a few that were participating, especially those in the gubernatorial race.”

DeJongh To Face Independent Candidates
Democrats chose John deJongh and his running mate Gregory Francis to face independent candidates Adlah Donastorg Jr. and Cora Christian, and Kenneth Mapp and Almando “Rocky” Liburd in Novem-ber’s general election.

Senator at Large Craig Barshinger was chosen by Democrats to face Independent Citizens Movement candidate Carmen Wesselhoft in the general election.

The final vote, however, was not indicative of how St. John residents voted in one case.
Barshinger actually came in second to Senator at Large candidate Elsie Thomas-Trotman, who garnered 162 votes, compared to 146 for Barshinger, on St. John.

Senator at Large Candidate William Belardo earned 55 votes on St. John, and 27.25 percent of the overall vote.

Final Vote Reflects St. John Votes
The final vote was reflective of how St. John residents voted in every other case, however.
DeJongh garnered 62 percent of the votes on St. John, and 52.28 percent of the overall vote.

Senatorial candidates Shawn Michael-Malone and Louis Patrick Hill came out on top both on St. John, with 17.7 and 17.3 percent of the votes, respectively, and in the overall vote, where they earned 17.91 percent and 13.82 percent of the votes, respectively.

In addition to Michael-Malone and Hill, Alvin Williams, Horace Brooks, Toi Barbel, Patrick Sprauve and Basil Ottley Jr. will represent the Democrats in the general election on November 10.

Thomas, Sadler, Russell Eliminated
Athneil Thomas, Shirley Sadler and Niles Russell were eliminated from the race at the primary, earning just 6.8, 5.5 and 5.9 percent of St. John votes, respectively, and 7.46, 5.64 and 4.43 percent of the overall vote, respectively.


Unofficial results from Election System of the Virgin Islands:

Governor/Lt. Gov. – 379 total votes
John deJongh and Gregory Francis – 67 votes at GBS, 168 at JESS; 235 total, 62 percent of votes
Edgar Ross and Lorraine Berry – 9 votes at GBS, 39 at JESS; 48 total, 12.percent of votes
Vargrave Richards and Roy Jackson – 16 votes at GBS, 80 at JESS; 96 total, 25.3 percent of votes

Senator at Large – 363 total votes
Craig Barshinger – 55 votes at GBS, 91 at JESS; 146 total, 40.2 percent of votes
William Belardo – 10 votes at GBS, 45 at JESS; 55 total, 15.2 percent of votes
Elsie Thomas-Trotman – 22 votes at GBS, 140 at JESS; 162 total, 44.6 percent of votes

Senator St. Thomas-St. John District  – 1306 total votes
Toi Barbel – 28 votes at GBS, 72 at JESS; 100 total, 7.7 percent of votes
Horace Brooks – 15 votes at GBS, 79 at JESS; 94 total, 7.2 percent of votes
Louis Hill – 52 votes at GBS, 174 at JESS; 226 total, 17.3 percent of votes
Shawn Michael-Malone – 51 votes at GBS, 180 at JESS; 231 total, 17.7  percent of votes.
Basil Ottley Jr. – 39 votes at GBS, 107 at JESS; 146 total, 11.2 percent of votes
Niles Russell – 23 votes at GBS, 54 at JESS; 77 total, 5.9  percent of votes
Shirley Sadler – 19 votes at GBS, 53 at JESS; 72 total, 5.5  percent of votes
Patrick Sprauve – 29 votes at GBS, 87 at JESS; 116 total, 8.9  percent of votes
Athneil Thomas – 26 votes at GBS, 63 at JESS; 89 total, 6.8 percent of votes
Alvin Williams – 37 votes at GBS, 118 at JESS; 155 total, 11.9 percent of votes