Rely on Mr. Harley To Protect Our Large Trees

To the Editor:

A recent letter has rightly described the architects’s rendering of the Franklin Powell Sr. Park as resembling an ancient Aztec playing ground, devoid of all large trees. It’s hard to imagine that barren, hot, and boring space replacing the shaded restful park we all now enjoy.

So I was pleased and very relieved to hear, in Mr. Julien Harley’s own words, that the drawing is not at all an accurate portrayal of the plans for the park and that the artist had simply neglected to include the existing trees in the rendering. Mr. Harley has promised that no large trees would be removed or damaged in the process of renovating the park.

All of us who love that cool and graceful place are relieved to hear that promise. Too often on our island, builders and “landscrapers” choose to sacrifice all living plants on a construction site in order to make their jobs easier. We rely on Mr. Harley’s promise to protect our large old trees.

Paula Myles