Renell Lettsome Wanted for Geiger Murder; VIPD Says “Case is Solved”

Renell Lettsome is wanted in connection with Murder 1st degree, Attempted Murder, Assault 1st degree, Assault 3rd degree, Arson and using a dangerous weapon during the commission of crime of violence, which occurred on Saturday, October 29, 2005 at Estate Grunwald on the island of St. John. Lettsome is a black male, weighing 130-140 pounds and is 5 feet 9 inches tall. Subject is considered armed and dangerous.

Less than a month after David Gieger was gruesomely murdered and his son, Nathan brutally beaten, V.I. Police Department officials announced that the case was solved. The V.I.P.D. Commissioner Elton Lewis announced during a press conference on Monday afternoon, November 21 that Renell Lettsome is wanted for the murder of David Geiger and attempted murder and beating of his teen-age son which occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday, October 29.

Lettsome Wanted for Murder, Assault
VIPD officials obtained an arrest warrant for Lettsome which was signed on November 17 by Judge Audrey Thomas. Lettsome is wanted for first degree murder, attempted murder, first degree assault, third degree assault, arson and using a dangerous weapon during the commission of a crime of violence, according to Commissioner Lewis.

“Bail was set at $1 million for Lettsome who is on the lam,” said Commissioner Lewis. “We are posting pictures in the media with the hopes of flushing him out.”

Pictures of Lettsome were also sent out on the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) wire on Monday morning and officials at all seaports and airports will be notified of his warrant, Commissioner Lewis added.

The NCIC is a computerized index of criminal justice information which is available to federal, state, and local law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies.

“We are getting conflicting information in terms of his whereabouts,” said Commissioner Lewis, adding that Lettsome was in Tortola according to the VIPD’s latest information. “No matter where he travels, we will bring him back to face the charges.”

Stewart Wanted for Grand Larceny
An arrest warrant was also issued for Tullius C. Stewart who is wanted in connection with Geiger’s murder for grand larceny and possession of stolen property which occurred on Sunday, October 23.

“Stewart fled the territory right after the incident,” said Commissioner Lewis. “We have a pretty good idea where he is and we are consulting with authorities in that area to bring him back to the territory.”

“Tullius (Stewart) is on the mainland by the information we have received,” Commissioner Lewis added.

Stewart’s bail was set at $100,000 for the grand larceny which occurred six days before Geiger’s murder.

“Money was taken — robbery was the motive (for the murder),” said Commissioner Lewis. “Based on the totality of the circumstances, robbery was the motive.”

Several other individuals are wanted in this case, Commissioner Lewis continued.

Other “Persons of Interest”
“Based on this on-going active investigation we have several other persons of interest that we hope to secure warrants for,” said Commissioner Lewis, who would not provide the names of the two to four individuals.

The Geiger murder “case is solved,” but more work needs to be done, Commissioner Lewis added.

“This case is far from completed — the real work starts now,” said Commissioner Lewis. “We want to be able to tell the family exactly the sequence of events; how the case unfolded.”

Despite rumors that the crime scene was left unattended following the murder, the scene was secured, according to Commissioner Lewis.

“Based on information provided by the Major Crime Squad Supervisor, the crime scene was secure,” said the VIPD Commissioner. “We did exactly what we were supposed to do in terms of packaging physical evidence.”

Commissioner Lewis would not further discuss the physical evidence.

No Outside Assistance
The VIPD did not have assistance from outside agencies with this investigation, Commissioner Lewis added.

“Despite all negative comments and emails, including from Senator Barshinger, the VIPD has been able to make significant progress in this investigation,” said the VIPD Commissioner. “We will bring this particular case to closure without outside assistance.”

“In terms of physical evidence it is standard procedure to ship the physical evidence to the FBI for analysis,” said the Commissioner Lewis, adding that otherwise the investigation was handled solely by the VIPD.

Fourteen-year-old Nathan Geiger continues to recover from his severe injuries and is with family members, the VIPD Commissioner added.

Commissioner Lewis commended the VIPD’s Major Crime Squad.

Police Work Commended
“Despite negative comments, I commend Roberto Lima the supervisor of the Major Crime Squad for his professionalism and steadfast commitment to getting this case solved,” said Commissioner Lewis.

VIPD officials have completed the first phase of the investigation, Commissioner Lewis added.

“The case is solved — we will continue to do follow-up work until the individuals are apprehended,” said Commissioner Lewis.

Twenty-one-year-old Lettsome, who is wanted for murder, attempted murder and assault, is described as a black male, 5’9” with with long dreadlocks and weighs approximately 130 to 140 pounds.

Stewart, who is wanted for grand larceny, is described as a 29-year-old black male, approximately 5’10” and weighs about 160 pounds.

Both men are considered armed and dangerous.

The VIPD Commissioner requested the public’s help with the case.

Public’s Assistance Requested
“Just like any other case, this requires community involvement — we are asking them to come forward,” said Commissioner Lewis.

Anyone with information about the murder and beating case should contact the VIPD Major Crime Unit at 715-5534, 715-5546 or 911.