Repairs to Coral Bay Fire Station Almost Complete

Coral Bay’s fire station

Repairs to the Coral Bay Fire Station are almost complete, according to Ernest Matthias, Deputy Fire Chief for St. John.

The fire station has new doors and windows, plumbing, electric wiring, cabinets and bathroom fixtures, according to Matthias, and Fire Department staff expect to move back within days from their temporary quarters in Calabash Boom.

The fire station was severely damaged by hurricane Irma, yet it remained open as a community center for residents of Coral Bay for several months following the storm.  It served as the distribution point for communications, emergency supplies, and government services.

Although fire fighters may be looking forward to settling back in to their former quarters, Matthias said they will likely have to move again. Officials have indicated that the Coral Bay location is within a flood zone, and the site is not appropriate for critical emergency services.

A site slightly further up Centerline Road is being considered, Matthias said.