Resident Commends St. John Police for Swift Action in Nabbing Burglar

Residents in Estate Lower Carolina applauded V.I. Police Department officials last week for their dedication and hard work in nabbing a burglar.

Rick and Nelda Ringsborg watched as a man broke into their neighbor’s house and were thrilled when police responded quickly, explained Nelda Ringsborg.

“We saw the man break into the house across the way from us,” she said. “We called the police and they came right away. They looked everywhere for him, but he managed to get away.”

A few days later Ringsborg was in Cruz Bay when she spotted the man who had burglarized her neighbor’s home.

“I heard he had bought a plane ticket to leave the island,” said Nelda Ringsborg. “I said, ‘No way is that happening.’ I went right to the police station and they got right on it.”

VIPD arrested John Bolding of Estate Bordeaux on Monday afternoon, September 27, and charged him with third degree burglary. He appeared before V.I. Superior Court for his advice of rights hearing last week, but his trial was not scheduled as of press time.

“The police officers who worked on this, Detective Vincent, Sgt. Brown, Officer Frett, Offc. Williams, Offc. Venzen and Offc. Georges, all did a great job,” said Nelda Ringsborg. “I want to thank them and commend their hard work.”