Resident Disappointed At-Large Senator Debate Canceled


As a registered voter I was very much looking forward to the scheduled debate between the two candidates running for the office of Senator at Large. Hopefully, it can and will be re-scheduled prior to the election. The two candidates have a very different approach and style. However, lets put personality and cultural differences aside and think about which candidate can best get the job done. Voters have a right to hear what each has to say in a public forum, and what the “bottom line” is on how each candidate would serve the people. For instance, it is easy to say “we need a new school in a new location.” People have known that long before I ever set foot on St. John. The question we should ask is, which candidate knows what needs to be done to make this happen? Let’s hear their answers to that, and other questions in a debate. That way we can judge accordingly, and make up our own minds based on the facts.

In the meantime, regardless of who the majority of St. Johnians endorse for this critical office, we owe a big “thank you” to Craig Barshinger for leading the way, and not giving up on the matter of the parking garage location. Most St. Johnians did not want a parking garage in the Cruz Bay Creek area, but no one else in a position to prevent that from happening, including the governor and our own administrator, would listen. I very much appreciate the fact that Barshinger continually kept the issue before the press and the public until the opinions of St. John residents were given full consideration and respect, and action was taken. 

Susan Mann