Residents Fed Up With Illegal Dumping at Trash Bin Sites


Refrigerators and appliances routinely show up at island dumpsters.

Since St. John has no home garbage pickup, island residents rely on trash bin sites monitored by the Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority to dispose of their trash.

While the bin sites are designated for household waste only, many residents report routinely seeing old appliances pile up near the dumpsters.

“On my morning walk today, I noticed several refrigerators left at the Great Cruz Bay dumpsters under the signs that say there is a $1,000 fine for dumping and a smaller one that says noncompactable items need to be taken to the transfer station,” said one St. John resident. “There was also a mini refrigerator next to the can recycling.  Obviously no one is getting fined or monitoring this situation.”

Anyone disposing of appliances, batteries, hazardous chemicals or construction waste, must take the items to the Susanaberg Transfer Station. WMA officials also host special events to collect items like electronic devices and offer educational outreach programs.

WMA relies upon residents to report illegal dumping at bin sites. Anyone who sees illegally dumped trash should call WMA at (340) 774-2141 or check out the authority’s website at to submit a report via email.

The bottom line, according to residents, is to keep St. John clean.

“I think a little more effort is needed to keep our island clean and beautiful,” said a resident. “Trash along the roads and dumpsters is something people visiting remember. We need to make every effort to keep our land and water pristine, a place we want to live and people want to visit.”