Residents Question New Barbed Wire Fence Near Tourism Office


Loretto Kraft points out the new barbed wire fence near the Frank Powell Park and Tourism office.

A new fence complete with barbed wire was recently spotted among the holiday decorations in Frank Powell Park.

While Frank Powell Park is open to all residents and guests, the adjacent Department of Tourism Park apparently is not, explained Loretto Kraft, who works nearby.

“When the office is open, you don’t see this,” said Kraft. “But when the office is closed, the gate is locked and the barbed wire fence is right there with all the holiday decorations.”

The DOT St. John office is open Monday through Friday, which means the barbed wire fence is up all weekend long and on holidays, Kraft added.

“What is this all about,” Kraft asked. “To keep the homeless out? What if a child ran into that razor wire?It’s dangerous.”

“Plus, it seems like they spent a lot of money to put up this fence,” said Kraft. “All of that just to keep the homeless out of their park?”