Response to Luke McCain’s Letter

Dear Editor and Luke McCain:

I feel compelled to respond to the libelous assault on the memory of Jamie Cockayne by Luke McCain. The insinuation that Jamie was somehow responsible for what happened to him is almost as absurd as the ridiculous alibi that you are trying to present on behalf of your friend and roommate.  I have known Jamie for his entire life and have never seen the kind of behavior you claim occurred on a regular basis during his time on St John. The two pieces of garbage who chose to follow Jamie out of the bar with weapons and the intent to kill were seen by multiple witnesses at the time of the murder. Your friends are not innocent of anything. Those two losers had many opportunities to turn back or stop their assault just short of the first degree murder they chose to commit.   

The reality of the situation is that birds of a feather flock together. Luke, you have just shown everyone what kind of a bird you are.     

Paul W. Lile Jr.