Rhythm & Views by Cassie Pociask

GHS student Cassie Pociask

Gifft Hill School Students Say Goodbye to Crawford and Boebert

The student and teacher relationship at the Gifft Hill School is a precious commodity which has been strengthened over several years. Because of the school’s small size and the student to teacher ratio, both are able to have a relationship which enhances the learning experience.


Sabrina Boebert and Scott Crawford


Outgoing school founders Scott Crawford and Sabrina Boebert have a large part in this role. Some students at the Gifft Hill School have known both Crawford and Boebert since they were in pre-school. Knowing a teacher that long has a lasting affect on one’s educational career. Even new students feel as if they have been in their presence for that long.

Unfortunately for the school, Crawford and Boebert have decided to leave the island of St. John, and move on to bigger things, meaning the states.

The founders of the school have shaped the school in every way possible.

So what do the students think?

“I think it’s good,” said Matthew Gibney, one of the many students who has been with Crawford and Boebert since he was in kindergarten. “They need a change. I don’t know what will happen next year, but I guess we’ll see.”

Other students agreed with Gibney.

“Mr. Scott and Mrs. Sabrina have been here ever since I knew there was a Coral Bay School,” said GHS junior Hadiya Sewer. “It’s going to be so weird without them.”

Students are remorseful for the loss of such a giving administration, and anxious to see what the next school year will bring.
Some students are concerned that the school will undergo a massive change. Jill Martin, GHS senior, expressed concern about the administration side of Crawford and Boebert’s job.

“They will either choose teachers inside the school or have to go completely outside of the school and bring someone in,” said Martin.

Gifft Hill School headmaster Ben Biddle put these concerns to rest.

“Scott and Sabrina will not be replaced,” said Biddle. “Many of their duties will be taken on by staff already in place. They will be greatly missed.”

“What they have done for education on St. John will be remembered forever,” Biddle added.

Crawford and Boebert’s leaving is a great loss to the Gifft Hill School. The sacrifices they have made in their lives so education could be given to students of all ages is a “gifft” on St. John that will always be treasured.