Rhythm & Views by Cassie Pociask

Starting the New Year Right 

In welcoming a new year, students are also welcoming a new school semester. Welcoming new classes, new grades, and a chance for a fresh start, is a refreshing proposition. High school students habitually get lost in the world of college preparation, piles upon piles of homework, and trying to maintain some sort of a social life. This article will be about budding into a new and improved student by becoming self-motivated and a master time manager.

Being back in school brings up memories (good and bad) from last semester. Which may have been defined in one word — frantic. Whether it was taking all A.P. courses, joining too many clubs, or starting a new part-time job, we all have excuses for being overscheduled.

Time Management Issue
How does a person balance all of this in a healthy way, in which they are not staying up all odd hours of the night? Time management is a major issue, which most students will come face to face within their academic life. And in this face off, the student will either come out triumphant or stressed, strained, and drained.
Collegeboard.com offers a variety of activities to help with time management, like writing “to-do” lists, finding the right time to study, not complaining and getting a good night’s sleep.

Because all students must face it, if time management is not under control by the end of high school, college will take one in and just spit one back out. Being able to manage one’s time is a guarantee to being less stressed and having more time for oneself.

Admittedly, last semester was tough. Seniors trying as hard as they could to impress colleges were nearly impossible to deal with, and now that college applications are mailed out, their motivation has gone with them. Juniors often have motivation problems, thinking constantly, if only I was a senior…

Self-Motivation is Key To Success
But how does one motivate oneself? It may be a daunting task, but it is not impossible. Although seniors may not realize it, colleges are still watching students’ every move. Try not to let “senioritis” take over, because a horrible last semester could have major consequences. Set goals and keep them. Grant rewards for achieving goals and it will help one stay self-motivated.

Being self-motivated is also a key of success in college. Imagine being all alone in a university where no one is going to encourage a student to do her homework. Being self-motivated will give one the tools to do well on their own.

This semester my own goals are to work on time management, stress less, take it one task at a time, and focus more on school. Being a junior is a tough year, and advancing into senior year will be even more challenging. But accepting any challenge is what we must all do to become successful in today’s world.

If we can all just take a deep breath and accept that school is not a burden but a stepping stone into the rest of our lives, 2007 will be a piece of cake.