Rhythm & Views by Malik Stevens

Gifft Hill School middle school students at the Grand Canyon last year.


The Gifft Hill School is known for many of its fascinating traditions. One in particular is the tradition of going on grand trips around the world, which students at the school are able to partake in every year.

Beginning in 2003 the school has taken many extraordinary trips to places some only wish to visit in their lifetime. These places include Mexico, Europe, Egypt, Switzerland, Venice, Berlin, the Four Corners and Puerto Rico.  

Students of the school have been able to climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower, raft through the rivers of the Grand Canyon, hike the rain forest of Puerto Rico, see fine art in the museums of London, Paris and Rome, touch the Sphinx in Egypt, and do the salsa in Mexico. Many of these activities are something students living on a small island did not even think they had the chance of doing.

There are never any mixed reviews about the trips. Students love them and the teachers find them very beneficial for the students.

“I think kids learn a lot from these trips,” said Mary Willen, the leading lady behind the organization of many of the trips. “The trips bring history alive, and students get to experience different cultures and eat different foods.”

The students always seem refreshed and more motivated upon their return from the trips. In most cases, students do better in school, and in life, after they witness what the world truly has to offer.

New York and Boston
Typically the middle school students take their yearly trip to the Four Corners, but this year they are trying somewhere a  bit different. Middle school students will be taking a trip to New York City. They will experience the city life, check out some amazing art, and visit some of the historical sites that the city has to offer.  

Even the fifth and sixth graders are going somewhere special. These students will be headed to Boston to check out many of the astonishing beauties that lie there.

Too Late For High School Travel
Last year, plans for the high school trip were aiming toward China, but because of lack of time and interest the idea soon disintegrated. Only a few of the students were interested in going to China and when this was realized, it was too late to plan for another destination. Still, many of the high school classes went out on their own and planned their own individual trips. Some of these ideas have gotten off their feet, but others still remain only a thought.   

Traveling is always a plus in a student’s life. It is like history class, current events class, art, life skills, and fun all in one. The grand trips that the Gifft Hill School offers to its students are truly remarkable.