Roach Announces Waiver of All Interest and Penalties on Real Property Taxes

Lt. Gov. Tregenza A. Roach Esq. (Source file photo)

Lieutenant Governor Tregenza A. Roach Esq. has announced that he has given full authority to the Office of the Tax Collector of the Virgin Islands to waive all interest and penalties on real property taxes.

The waiver is effective immediately and will continue until June 30, 2021. Taxpayers are encouraged to contact the Office of the Tax Collector for payment arrangements. The office can be reached at 774-2991 for the St. Thomas-St. John District and 773-6449 for the St. Croix District.

“In light of the ongoing pandemic and the negative impact that it has had on our territory, waiving all penalties and interest is a fair and equitable way to provide relief to the property owners of this territory,” said the lieutenant governor.

Roach’s actions are authorized by applicable law, which authorizes the lieutenant governor to waive all penalties and interest on property taxes.

“Our office has routinely waived penalties and interest based on the individual circumstances of a consumer. This will be the first time that the office will offer this relief to all taxpayers on an automatic and not case-by-case basis,” Roach said.

“The Office of the Lieutenant Governor is a front-line agency when it comes to serving the people of the Virgin Islands,” said Roach. “We want to be responsive to the needs of the people. This waiver is one way in which we can do our small part to help the people of the Virgin Islands.”