Roane Christian Arrested for Burglary, Trespassing and Domestic Violence

Roane “Boozie” Christian

V.I. Police Department officials on St. John arrested Roane “Boozie” Christian, 57, and charged him with Second Degree Burglary, Trespassing, Aggravated Assault and Battery and Disturbance of the Peace Domestic Violence.

According to the report Christian was arrested around 10:20 a.m. Wednesday, August 18, for assaulting a female victim. Christian and the victim were involved in a relationship.

VIPD officials said while the victim was at her home, Christian broke into her residence by crawling through her window. When he was inside the residence the two began to fight. During the fight Christian assaulted the woman by hitting her on her arm with a frying pan.


The victim received a contusion on her left arm and Christian called the police.


Bail for Christian was set at $52,000 and he was remanded to the Bureau of Corrections on St. Thomas pending further court action.