Rotary Club of St. John to Discuss HANWASH

Rotary Club of St. John, USVI

Rotary Club of St. John, will hold its next meeting at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday May 15, at Bajo El Sol. The guest speakers will be Harry Daniel and Teri Mandemaker; their topic will be “HANWASH.”

HANWASH stands for Haiti National Clean Water, Sanitation and Health Strategy, which is a collaborative, national initiative by Rotary District 7020, The Rotary Foundation and DINEPA (The Haitian Government’s National Water and Sanitation Agency), partnering with other NGOs such as Haiti Outreach and Pure Water for the World. They are committed to providing thoughtfully managed and sustainable clean water and sanitation to all the citizens of Haiti, along with the associated health, community and economic benefits.

Special food and drinks will be available for purchase.