Saltwater Gypsy Consignment Shop Can Cut Down Trips to St. Thomas

Saltwater Gypsy owner Laurie Toth, above, welcomes shoppers to her new store in the Lumberyard.

Looking for a not-brand-new television set? Still need a table for the deck?

Filling those needs won’t require a trip to St. Thomas any longer. Owner Laurie Toth hopes to meet everyone’s needs and more with her Salt Water Gypsy Consignment Shop on the second floor of The Lumberyard Complex.

After much hard work, Toth opened for business last week and the store was already stocked with furniture, appliances and more.

Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, Toth had been a frequent visitor to Love City before making the big move this year.

“I’ve been coming down for about 18 years,” she said. “I used to spend about six to eight weeks here every winter and then I decided to stay a little longer and then I decided to make the move.”

The multi-talented Toth, who counts piano tuning and repair among her varied skills, is also an esthetician. She owned her own business back in Maryland and it was a three month stint on St. John last winter which served as the inspiration for her new venture.

“I came down last winter for three months and worked for Julie at Drift Away Spa,” said Toth. “I rented an apartment and there were so many little things that I needed. I didn’t want to go all the way over to St. Thomas for an iron or a coffee pot.”

Back in Maryland, Toth decided that three months in paradise wasn’t enough. She sold her business and made St. John her home in March. While figuring out how to make a living on island, Toth kept thinking of all those items she needed for her apartment, and decided there must be other people in the same boat.

“So many people come and go here, there is a market of these items that are in good shape, but you just don’t need anymore,” said Toth. “And this is a great way to recycle. We’re salvaging everything, so it’s really green.”

Her roughly 600-square-foot space was filling up quickly last week with furniture, pots and pans, artwork, glassware and more.

“We’re starting to get stuff,” said Toth. “I got a bunch of stuff from St. John Kids, like brand new toys and stuffed animals and dolls, which will be great for the holidays. I also have Elaine Estern prints and a lot more.”

Salt Water Gypsy is also the perfect venue for people leaving island and looking to unload furniture, electronics, fans and more. The consignment model is the perfect way to make some extra cash while lightening one’s load.

“With the consignment model, you bring your item into me and you still own it until I sell it,” said Toth. “When I sell the item you get paid and I make a little too. It’s perfect for people who are leaving island because I can mail a check.”

“Or people who are here can just stop by and pick up their money,” she said.

For more information, call Toth at 340-244-8888.